First-year, Term One = Over.

Well, I finished by my first year, first-term of classes of my naturopathic doctor (ND) program today. I've decided to take this opportunity to chime-in about my first round of CCNM classes.

Botanical Medicine - my favorite class this term. I loved the material; herbs and plants are so interesting!
Homeopathy - my least favorite class this term. I am having a hard time taking this modality seriously. It is very confusing and foreign to me. It probably didn't help that the class was dry and frustrating.
Physiology - I really, really like learning physiology; I find bodily processes fascinating. The textbook for this class is great (same one that I had in undergrad).
Naturopathic History, Principles, and Philosophy - An intense spiritual and philosophical class. I had before never been exposed to the material presented in this class. I left every class motivated to be a better person and to work to become the best doctor that I possibly can.
Anatomy - I love anatomy, but it is tough. The first half of this course was perfectly paced, while the second half went by really fast. The amount of material taught in this class is overwhelming. Despite the stress involved in studying the bazillion body parts presented in anatomy, I still love(d) this course.
Immunology - Very interesting. A bit detail-heavy, but I am happy to now know so much about immunity.
Research - This class was boring and full of busy-work. This class was designed to teach future NDs how to interpret, evaluate, and appreciate research. If anything, it taught me to hate research.
Ethics and Jurisprudence - Hooray for legal matters! This class taught me how scary the legal system can be. Ha ha.
Traditional Chinese Medicine - The second best class of the semester. This class taught me a new language: the language used to diagnose pathologies using ancient Asian principles. I have so much to learn regarding TCM, but so far I am loving it.
Health Psychology - The second worst class. Probably because this class (like Research) was full of busy-work (too many assignments!). The class was very long (3 hours!). I think it would be much better if it was shorter and had less assignments. Maybe then I would appreciate psychology more :S
Biochemistry - A great Biochemistry course. I've taken them in the past and they've been brutal. This class presented the material in a clinically relevant manner, which I was so thankful for.
Clinic - This class was designed to give first-year students a peak at the teaching clinic on campus. I definitely just got a "peak", but I know that I will be spending MUCH time in clinic in the future that I should enjoy my "free time" while I can.


  1. Will you have just as many classes second term?

    Congrats ;) PJ&M

  2. No, fewer classes, but they are longer in length. Two classes are 5 hours long!


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