Let's Party (CCNM-style).

I recently attended a CCNM holiday party. For my readers who think that all ND students are uber healthy, rest assured that we are human. However, at a CCNM-style party, you'll find all the normal fix-in's, but with a twist. ;)

For example, there will be pop for alcohol mixing ...but none will be diet. There will be lots of pizza... with some being meat-free, gluten-free, and dairy-free. For dessert there will be holiday sugar cookies... along with an abundance of fruit.

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  1. ...gotta love that huge artificial sweetener misstep we took while trying to avoid sugar: cure worse than the poison.

    When comes to food, be a luddite. Does that sound right to you? Can you think of any exceptions, where so spanking new foodstuff actually seems healthy?


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