Interesting Tid-bits.

- Major addictions (drugs, alcohol, sex, shopping, food, etc) are the result of being addicted to joy; the patient is addicted to the feeling of joy that they get when they ingage in the addicted behavior.

- In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), the only negative emotion is the emotion that is held inside and not expressed. Although there are healthy and unhealthy ways to express emotions, patients need to be taught to express their emotions (and not bottle them up inside) before they can be taught proper ways to deal with emotions.

- Also in TCM, spleen pathologies are the of thinking too much (I talked about students and the need to engage in non-studious activities before). A deficient spleen results in a sugar craving... this may be why so many students crave chocolate (and other sweets) while studying!

- Yet another lesson from TCM: the "heart" is responsible for the spirit, and mental and emotional states of the body. The heart energy meridian opens up on the tongue; therefore speech can be used to improve spirit. By improving speech and communication, a troubled spirit can be healed.

- The New England Journal of Medicine reported that the major contributing factor in 80% of diseases is stress.

- Red blood cells (RBC) contain lots of serotonin (a mood neurotransmitter). As depression is due to low serotonin levels, it can be said that it is really the blood that gets depressed.

- Major food cravings are for sugar, salt, and fat... which is likely due that historically these macro-nutrients were limiting factors in nature and were essential for survival.

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