Recently in the news, I came across this article on massive food consumption. (This article). Boy, oh, boy are we as a society in trouble!

To summarize the article: TV shows like Man vs Food and Starbucks' new Trenta-size beverage (which is just shy of a LITER at 920 milliliters) show how gluttonous a society we've become. Why are we obsessed with attempting to surpass the anatomy of the stomach (which does not comfortably allow a liter of liquid to be consumed at one time, let alone ANY of the meals shown on Man vs Food) AND we want to get the most bang for our buck (only $0.79 will allow you to "supersize" your meal, making you opt for this "deal" rather than ordering a smaller, more reasonable amount).

From this article, I take two things into consideration for my future medical practice: first, I can only imagine the drug-induced state that future Starbucks drinkers will be in after consuming that much caffeine and how that much caffeine has altered their physiology, metabolism, and neural functioning. Second, I'll need to figure out the psychology in why people enjoy watching others pig out.

Anywho, it's a funny article, please read if you're looking for a laugh as the author is quite comical. But be prepared, it also points out just how silly society is getting...

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