Runny Noses, Vocal Cords, and Quinoa.

- Do you wonder why you get a runny nose when you are outside on a cold day? In the nose there is a the nasal gland that secretes mucus. Under this gland, there is a cluster of blood vessels. In the cold, the blood vessels dilate, breaking more heat (via the blood) to the nose to prevent it from freezing. However, as a result of the excess blood coming to the nose during the cold, the nasal gland is stimulated, meaning more mucus production. Also, the nose has to work more in order to heat the cold air that is being inhaled.

- Vocal cords (aka vocal folds) are ligaments that stretch and relax when pulled-on or released by intrinsic muscles of the larynx (aka voice box). The larynx contains the highest ratio of nerve fibers to muscle fibers, which is why it is able to produce so many different sounds, all varying by the slightest bit.

- Check out this cute video on the topic of quinoa. It was made by a CCNM student for a contest hosted by Bob's Red Mill.

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