I Passed!

*** Silly Blogger program. I posted this yesterday, but it got hidden amongst older posts ***

Yesterday I got my Fall term marks back. I am very happy to report that I passed all of my courses! A "pass" at CCNM is 65% which is higher than undergraduate programs (usually 50%). All of my marks were quite good which was a big relief. Unlike my undergraduate studies, marks don't matter anymore. I am not competing against anyone but myself. I technically only have to pass all of my courses to move forward in the program, but I want to learn the material well, so I usually aim higher than merely passing everything. Nevertheless, it feels great to not strive for "perfect" marks anymore. :P


All and all, I am very, very pleased with CCNM and its Naturopathic Doctor program. However, after spending a term studying here, I have just a few complaints:

- The ND program is very, very expensive (the entire four-year ND degree will cost about 80 000... yikes!). I really can't complain too, too much about the costs as the caliber of my professors is very high and a lot of material has to be taught, but I wish students didn't have to go into debt in order to serve their communities as doctors.
- I don't think CCNM officials do enough screening in the application process. Unfortunately, a few of my classmates said that choose to study naturopathic medicine because they didn't get accepted into an allopathic medicine program. I hate to think that this program is some students second choice :( I wish the interviews required to be accepted into this ND program were a bit more rigorous to find out whether or not the applying students are fully committed to this type of medicine.
- CCNM has horrible library hours (closes between 5-7 pm and is not open on Sundays (which is a prime study day!). This is very unlike my undergraduate university, where the library was open to the wee hours of the morning everyday!


  1. Congrats - a job well done - very well done!!!

    (blog followers - we have an inside leak to the real marks and they are awesome!!!)

    Becca is humble :) We are proud!!!


  2. Becca, I'm sure your marks were butterfly marks!!![ FLYING COLORS!!!!] I'm so excited and proud for you. I also have learned this term---thanks Aunt D

  3. Thank you both for the sweet comments. :) *Hugs*


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