Interesting Tid-bits 4.

- Cannonau wine is a type of grape (used to make red wine) with the highest amount of polyphenols (so, in a sense, this may be the healthiest wine!).

- The seaside is very good for respiratory diseases as the air is very clean and cleansing.

- Fruit is better eaten in the morning as it is easy on the digestive system. Fruit should also be eaten alone fruit digests very quickly (quicker than every other food). When fruit is combined with other foods, it often starts to rot and ferment (i.e. turn into alcohol) as it sits in the stomach as the other foods digests.

- Wrinkly fingers (when in the pool or the bathtub) are the result of water diffusing out of the body.

- Dust allergies are technically named wrong; people are not actually allergic to dust but to protein particles that are stuck to the dust.

- 75% of childhood allergies are grown-out-of by age 15.

- Betacyanin gives beets their red/purple color and it is the chemical that turns urine and stool redish/purplish.

- Try not to discuss stressful topics at the dinner table (e.g. work, finances) as stress can inhibit digestion.

- Some people find the act of physically cleaning very rewarding as it gives them time to mentally clean.

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  1. You're right - Physical cleaning is awesome to clear your mind as well as keeping your body moving. A little hard work is good for us all ;)



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