The Philosophy Behind Naturopathic Medicine.

- The first guidelines for treatment in Naturopathic Medicine were:

1. The encouragement of patients to "Return to Nature" (i.e. live more naturally)
2. Elementary remedies (e.g. water, air, light)
3. Chemical remedies (e.g. botanicals, homeopathy)
4. Mechanical remedies (e.g. manipulations, massage)
5. Mental/spiritual remedies (e.g. positive thinking,meditation)

- If the common cold was the result of a viral infection alone, then coming in contact with this virus would instantly result in cold formation. If this were the case, then absolutely everyone should have the common cold right now. Whether or not one comes down with the common cold depends on his or her susceptibility, which depends on the strength of his or her immune system, sleep levels, energy levels, diet, mental/emotional state, etc.

- Naturopathic Doctors do not merely diagnose and treat disease in their patients, but they rather restore the health of their patients. NDs help facilitate their patients self-healing processes.

- In Naturopathy, a sick person is considered to be on a path from disturbance to recovery. As health can be disturbed by many things, the ND will work with the patient to identify these disturbances and work to reduce/remove them in order to remove illness.

- Naturopathic Doctors do not use synthetic drugs, except for drugs containing compounds that are a natural part of body tissues and are physiologically beneficial to the body in order for it to complete its processes.

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