Let's Talk Culture.

While this post doesn't directly relate to my program, I thought I'd take the opportunity talk about some cool, culturally related things that I've come across recently:

- Zeitgeist. Tony and I went and saw this documentary/independent-film. It was incredible. In about two weeks time the movie will be available online. I'd encourage you all to see it. It is very powerful and it discusses health in a more naturopathic manner!

- AGO. The Art Gallery of Ontario has a "Kings of India" art exhibit on now until April. The exhibit (and the entire gallery as a result) is free for students! I saw Maharaja with a friend this past weekend. I always appreciate the opportunity to do something non-spleen every once and awhile :P

- Blue Zones. One of my classmates recently presented the book, Blue Zones, to a handful of fellow students during one class break. This book describes four areas of the world where people are known to live well into their 100s (and it presents the commonalities between the communities, such as living near the equator!). It sounds like a great read; I am adding it to my summer reading list.

- I recently had a hankering for a snack from my childhood: Ants on a Log. Remember this simple treat? Celery, raisins, and peanut butter. Healthy, yet satisfies a fatty-sweety-crunchy craving.

On that note, when making any PB snack, organic Valencia peanuts are best. (I discussed this type of peanut before). Why? Because peanuts are very susceptible to fungus growth. The fungi that love peanuts happen to produce aflatoxins. Aflatoxin is a toxin that is carcinogenic (i.e. cancer causing). Secondly, peanut butter today is really what people think it is. Today's PB is not just ground peanuts, but is made of (unhealthy) hydrogenated vegetable oils, icing sugar, and then some ground peanuts. I think the reason why so many people are addicted to PB is due to an addiction to all the sugar it contains. I'll admit that I was once a Kraft PB addict; it was a hard addiction to break, but I've since cleaned up my taste buds and now appreciate the truly natural taste of peanuts.

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