Food Trends and Down Syndrome.

More and More Thai and sushi restaurants are starting to offer brown rice. Porter Airlines serves its sandwiches on multi-grain bread and offers Terra root vegetable chips. The famous chain Pizza Pizza offers multi-grain and gluten-free crusts. ...I must say, what healthy progress the restaurant industry is making!

Now if only I could get Tim Horton's to offer a non-dairy milk option! Now I wish they had a non-dairy option not just vegans, but for lactose intolerant people and also for the 90% of people who likely are lactose intolerant but don't quite realize it. I do support milk (dairy and non-dairy) being offered at Tim Horton's ...gotta have something to soak up the tannins in that astringent coffee and black tea!

Down Syndrome is the result of one extra chromosome added to the chromosome pair number 21 (referred to as trisomy 21). Note: humans normally have 23 pairs of chromosomes (with 46 chromosomes in total). This addition results in growth, mental, and craniofacial (i.e. face and head) abnormalities. I was surprised to learn the rates of incidence for this syndrome: 1 in every 2000 births (1/2000) when the mother is age 25 or younger, 1/300 when the mother is between age 35 and 40, and a startling 1/100 when the mother is age 40 or older!

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