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First of all, Happy Birthday, DINKUM!

Now that I am free from studying, I've had time to catch up on my Internet surfing and I came across some fun things to share:

McDonald's is now serving oatmeal. Is there any food that this fast-food giant can't turn into a disgusting and nutritionally-void "Value Menu" item? Yet, due to some cleaver advertising, people will probably think that they are being health-concious when they order this new breakfast item. Wrong. Here is a funny article describing this monstrosity. Basically, McDonald's has taken a very simple and very healthy food (oats) ...and added about twenty chemicals to the mix. They are charging a lot of money for it too (around $3 for a serving), which is crazy because oats are actually one of the cheapest health foods available.

Dessert hummus, anyone? Hummus is normally a savory dip made by combining chickpeas with tahini, lemon juice, and garlic. However, this inventive chef decided to replace the tahini with peanut butter, the lemon juice with sweetener, and the garlic with chocolate chips, thus creating the unthinkable: dessert hummus. Here is the recipe ...if you dare.

Awhile back, Oprah had a episode on her show about veganism. While I didn't see the episode, my favorite blog reviewed the episode. From what I've read, it's great that the show portrayed veganism is such a positive manner, but it's too that it showed the diet as diet as just replacing animal products with faux animal products. There are so many sources of protein beyond fake chicken nuggets, veggie dogs, and soy cheese! Ah well, maybe next time they'll talk about chickpeas, lentils, and almond butter as healthier protein substitutions.

Happy Internet Surfing!

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  1. Glad to hear that you have time to surf at will, I too do not think that fake meat is a sencible way to get protine. JM


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