In the News.

Thank you everyone for your kind words after yesterday's post. I am so grateful to have such a supportive team behind me. Your encouragement is exactly what I needed to push on through. Much love.

In other news, two exams down and only five more to go!

In other actual news, an interesting article has been published in the National Post regarding food labels. New food labeling rules have been created to help those with food allergies or Celiac disease (i.e. an autoimmune reaction to gluten, a protein found in wheat and some other grains). The new rules will make labels identify whether the food has any hidden allergens, gluten, and/or sulphites. Some examples: spelt and kamut will now have to be labeled as wheat; prepackaged food containing "spices" has to specify whether the "spices" contain any common allergens, gluten sources, and/or sulphites. Interestingly, wine and spirits will be affected by the new rules, but beer won't be. Looks like breweries are still going to be allowed to hide junk in their products :P (Apparently some beers can contain up to forty ingredients!). Look for the new food labels in August 2012.

Also in the news, Health Canada is proposing a ban on salvia. I learned a lot about this plant last semester in my Botanical Medicine class. While I do not support the prohibition of anything for no real reason, I don't think salvia has any significant purpose other than being a hallucinogen (so for the medical world, its ban won't be a big loss).


  1. Hahahaha...

    For a few seconds, I misread "salvia" as "saliva"! I was all set to get grossed out that it was an additive, and happy that Health Canada was going to keep chefs from spitting into their creations...

    As for salvia, I had never heard of it before, so I doubt I will miss it.

    Good luck on your remaining exams; I am sure you will excel at them!

  2. salvia --the red flower?

  3. Guess your course is alot like the one the Blue Prince is taking---stress-testing ang load bearing! I know you are made well---you can handle the stress and bear the load. The walls are holding up, Buttercup! Mama M

  4. Yes, salVIA not salIVA. :P

    Salvia divinorum is the species; it is not a flowering plant.

    Yes, exams are moving along ...slowing, but at least things are moving.

    - Buttercup

  5. Sure...push another item onto the black market and wait for criminals to profit more while society has less to work with (due to missing out on tax revenue).



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