Suck it up, Buttercup.

Although deep down inside I love CCNM, I love naturopathic medicine, I love my classes and the ND program I am enrolled in, and I love my classmates, this week--and for the first time since I started in September 2010--I am hating everything. I know very well why this onset of hatred-ism came about: it is due to the fact that my Winter midterms have me scared silly (P.S. they start TOMORROW), the two months and ten days until I can go home for Summer seems like an eternity, and because I just wrapped-up a glorious vacation with the people I love the most, only to come back to study, study, study and stress, stress, stress. You know things are bad when they affect your sleep; last night I dreamt that I failed my Homeopathy midterm (and I am not even taking Homeopathy this term!).

Despite my sad mood, I continue to look on the bright side. I remind myself of all the love in my life and the loves that I mentioned above. I know I will survive not only this midterm week (although it won't be pretty), but the remaining weeks until Summer vacation. I've got to put on my tough-girl cap and say Suck it up, Buttercup.

(Dear Readers, please excuse this outburst, but I desperately needed to vent. Despite my situation, I hope that you are all having a stress-free and relaxing Monday).

In other news, remember my post regarding my love of Mornings? Well, one of my favorite bloggers posted a similar post today. Hooray for more morning love!


  1. I am one of those many people that loves you. I think about you a lot, though today I was thinking that you probably couldn't live in Bhutan. It is SUPER easy to be a vegetarian here (the meat can be quite offputting) but veganism would be next to impossible. They put cheese on and in everything.

    Here we say "Tashi Delek" (pronounced Delay) when wishing someone well and I find it more rousing than "Good Luck". Tashi Delek on your midterms! -Liz

  2. Hello buttercup :) We miss you :(

    Although we can not or will not experience the intense studying and stress of medical midterms we do feel your pain :(

    You are very strong and worldly, and we know you'll be fine with that "tough girl" cap on, but rememeber when the days and lessons are long we are just a call away.

    Loving you, many "tisses"

    PJ&M ;)

  3. It makes sense for the time right after a break to feel the worst, so don't be too hard on yourself (calling yourself a buttercup). Things should be better after a bit of adjustment. ...and going from a break to work is bad enough, but you are doing a quick transition from vacation to mid-term crunch, which is worse.

    Actually, that kind of shock shouldn't be set up at all. I would liken it to being in a hot tub and then setting it _hotter_ for a while before jumping into a cold pool. ...stupid.

    Whoever imagined the February-March-region time off as "Reading Week" should be shot. It should be "Spring Break" and should happen _after_ the flurry of tests.

    I'm with you. The only other thing I can offer is that you should go to your record: You have powered through many times like this before with amazing results. If history is any indication, you will do so, so much more than just survive. :)

    (Oh, and about that dream: Not that you would ever fail a midterm, but if you had to pick one to fail... :P )

  4. Ah poor little Becca--I feel so sorry for you. I know your pain so well as I loved learning in university but so hated exams. And it all sounds like Elizabeth all over again. She loved life and study and university 99% of the time, but when a big project or exam was eminent, she hated school and the whole world. Please do not be discouraged--this too shall pass, and you will do just fine! We all love you and are here for you. Do not cry Butterfly. Life's a dream Buttercream. On this don't linger Butterfinger. The exam you won't botch Butterscotch. You're a pain in the butt Butternut....No No not that one!
    You're a doll Butter ball.
    Um I think I better quit now.

    You are a beautiful smart intelligent girl. We love you and we'll still love you whatever happens with the exams.
    Chin Up Buttercup! Mama M

  5. THANK YOU all for your lovely comments. The biggest smile came across my face while I read them. :)


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