Interesting Tid-bits 6.

- Children under the age of 4 who develop eczema are far more likely to develop asthma later in their childhood.

- Surgical masks worn in public places only prevent the person wearing the mask from spreading his or her disease. They do not prevent against catching disease unless they are N95 masks (the only type that prevents breathing in microbes).

- The Adam's Apple is officially named the laryngeal prominence.

- The word "vaccine” is derived from the Latin word vaccus which means cow (the first vaccine was grown in a cow).

- The more exercise preformed, the bigger the heart grows (remember, the heart is mainly muscle).

- I had another hour and a half massage yesterday, only this time it was preformed by four different people! Here at CCNM, we get real comfortable with real fast.

- My Public Health professor said that sometimes the only way to make the public healthy is to create a law that forces them to do so. For instance, it was made mandatory to wear seat belts in cars because too many people weren't listening to the advice of health experts and too many lives were being lost in car crashes. By making it legal, people were forced to get healthier in terms of their driving techniques. (Hmm, maybe the next law should make eating fast food illegal...). ;)


  1. ...careful with that "nanny state" stuff. lol Yes, though, it is called for sometimes.

    By the way, I have seen pictures of somewhere in Asia (Japan?) where it seems normal for sick people to walk around in public wearing surgical masks. That is something we should encourage here, especially during "flu season".

  2. ...but only if they are N95 masks. Otherwise it is pointless.


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