I have some new adventures to share. To read about other adventures I've had at CCNM and in Toronto, click here.

1) At the clinic not too long ago, I was needled three different times during one visit: a vitamin B12 shot, a blood withdrawal, AND acupuncture (consisting of six needles). That's a lot of poking! I actually used to be so afraid/nervous around needles but since coming to CCNM, I've really toughened up. I proud to say that needles don't bother me at all anymore.

2) This week it definitely set-in that I am living in a very diverse city. For example: I normally heard of Chinese New Year celebrations occurring around this time of year, but I never before felt so immersed in the Chinese New Year celebrations. It's a big deal here in Toronto, with most businesses (including Loblaws) partaking in the celebration. When I went grocery shopping yesterday, all of the shelves were stoked with some peculiar food items, all in promotion of the upcoming celebrations. By the way, it is the year of the Rabbit, which is my year! According to my Chinese classmate, that means I'm going to have a lucky year. Sweet.

3) I also know that I've moved to a more diverse city when I see one of my classmates lug an eight foot tall stalk of sugar cane to school and stark chopping it up for us all to try. Yep, I recently gnawed on a stalk of sugar cane... and it was sweet.

4) This week I attended two parties: one a B-Day and one a V-Day . Both were hosted by CCNM students, so it shouldn't come to a surprise that the two festivities featured traditional fluffy white cake dressed with rich chocolate icing, but also had sweets free of dairy, eggs, refined sugar, and gluten; one party had a carrot cake and the other served snickerdoodle cookies. All I can say is that I am so lucky to have classmates who consider the dietary needs of others (i.e. those who are vegan, sensitive to gluten, and/or detoxing).

I hope you all have a great weekend, full of exciting adventures!


  1. We had an adventure today - a very pleasant heart healthy one. We went to the Cove and shovelled / snow blew for 2 hours. Followed by a "Jackie's" visit for beach wear ;) Then off for a little " blue zone " visit.

    Ending with pomegranite white tea :)

    PJ& M

  2. If you think Losar celebrations are big in Toronto, try Bhutan! I am a rabbit, too, so I had little pink bunny ears to wear to the Losar picnic and party. It was a hootenany and a half. Must warn you though, Becca, being a rabbit in the year of isn't all luck and fun, we are forbidden from entering construction sites and must preform additional religious duties. Now on the subject of nat med, Bhutanese living is so wholesome, all natural simple foods. I'll send you pictures of our meals when we really start cooking. ~~Lizzy

  3. The whole luck thing is silly, of course, but I like the implications of the Chinese year-animal system. It is low-maintenance and fair!

    ...low-maintenance because you never need to check a horoscope. You get your good luck on a schedule you know far in advance. Also, you get long stretches of it at a time!

    ...fair because everyone gets the same amount. You know everyone gets good luck at age 11-12, 23-24, 35-36, 47-48, 59-60, 71-72, 83-84, 95-96, 107-108, 119-120, etc. Nice.


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