Keys to Health.

Because yesterday's post was super long, this one will be super short.

Some General Keys to Achieve/Maintain Good Health:

- Proper nutrition and diet
- Healthy weight
- Low or managed stress levels
- Adequate sleep
- Good hydration (lots of H2O)
- Regular elimination (which is a fancy way of saying...)
- Daily exercise
- No smoking or recreational drugs
- Minimal alcohol consumption
- Safe sex practices
- Positive thoughts


  1. Being of simple mind--I prefer todays true or false questions to yesterdays essay questions. Lazy eh?! Mama M

  2. So... Would 3-5 out of 11 be considered a bad score?

  3. No, it is not a bad score. Instead,it shows that you have some of the steps toward good health already covered! I don't know anyone with a consistently perfect score of 11 anyway. Some days you'll rank higher, and others will be a lot lower. But it is important to strive towards meeting more of the goals. As with everything health related, take baby steps: you could set yourself a goal of achieving just one more of the 11 to bring your total to 4-6, which will bring you closer to better overall health.

    Thanks for commenting.

  4. kind of <- Proper nutrition and diet
    pretty much <- Healthy weight
    sometimes yes, sometimes no <- Low or managed stress levels
    uh, not quite <- Adequate sleep
    better now than a year ago <- Good hydration (lots of H2O)
    no problem <- Regular elimination (which is a fancy way of saying...)
    no so much <- Daily exercise
    except alcohol? <- No smoking or recreational drugs
    most days <- Minimal alcohol consumption
    covered... <- Safe sex practices
    my best category <- Positive thoughts

    5/11 solid yesses. A few more with the part marks. Yay?

  5. Thanks for the run down, Tony :P


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