Adventures From Above.

I finally went. Yep, I finally went up the CN Tower! I had never been, so this not-too-busy school week seemed like the perfect time to check-out Canada's wonder. I felt very unpatriotic having visited the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France, but not my country's own famous tower!

Well, now I feel more Canadian having taken in the sight of sprawling Toronto in one glimpse from the lofty heights. I enjoyed looking down through the glass floor and admiring the revolving restaurant appropriately named restaurant 360 (though I did not dine here... most main courses cost $60+).

Now, the next tower on my list to visit: Burj Khalifa. I can dream, right?

Speaking of patriotism, Canada's gearing up for another Federal Election! Don't forget to follow along and vote on May 2, 2011. When voting, don't forget to consider each party's platform on health care.

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