Dry Skin Brushing.

It is important to regularly maintain our largest organ... our skin! We can keeping it healthy through activities such as dry brushing. Dry brushing is hydrotherapy technique used to stimulate circulation, drain lymphatics, remove toxins, and remove dead cells …all activities that work to give the skin a fresh glow! All that is required to perform dry skin brushing is a massage brush and a shower. Massage brushes are available at most drug stores, massage equipment stores, body care stores, and health product stores. The bristles should be firm and the handle should allow for good grip (examples include this and this).

1) Before stepping into the shower, run just enough hot water to warm the feet.
2) Using a brush, start brushing (in an upward direction) the ankle to the buttock of the right leg.
3) Repeat on the left leg.
4) Brush the abdomen in a clockwise direction and the chest in a figure-8 pattern in order to avoid the breasts.
5) Brush in an upward direction both arms. If possible, finish the treatment by brushing the back.
8) Once the brushing is complete take a shower; however the first minute of the shower should be cool water only.
9) For best results, moisturize while still in the shower, when the body is still wet.
10) Repeat this technique as needed, but do not repeat more than twice a week as the body may become too dependent on this form of stimulus.


  1. This may be a bit off-topic, but it does affect the skin...

    Have any of your professors mentioned scratching while asleep? Occasionally I wake up with scratches, sometimes deep enough to draw a bit of blood. This morning the side of my right hand, opposite the thumb, looked like I had taken sandpaper to it. It pops up now and then on my arms and thighs, too.It is a pretty minor annoyance, but ever since it started when I was a kid I have wondered what was causing it. Does the medical world have anything to say on it?

  2. Great question, and yes, the medical world has a lot to say on the subject. Behaviors that occur during the unconscious state (i.e. sleeping, dreaming), are usually provoked by stress. These behaviors (such as grinding of the teeth, scratching, sleep-walking) are often a sign that the body is stressed. There are many ways to reduce these behaviors, which I'd be happy to discuss with you over email.


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