What's Going On?

Things were busy this week at CCNM. Here is the run-down:

In my cadaver Anatomy lab we examined preserved human faces. It may sound creepy, but it was very interesting and helped us to better learn facial Anatomy.

Physiology: In my Physiology lab, I had an electrocardiogram (ECG) preformed in order to examine my heart's functioning. From what I could interpret, my heart is fine.

I was needled into the cheek this week in my acupuncture practical session. Trust me, it didn't hurt.

Women's Week:
this week was Women's Health Week. Some of the events included talks on libido and eco-friendly conception, information booths, and a presentation of the "Body Monologues".

Midterm Marks: our marks were posted online. I am pleased with my marks ...except for one, but it was exactly what I expected seeing as I didn't study for it (I sacrificed its studying by studying for another 'more important' exam).

D-Talk: I presented a 20-minute talk on expanding culinary knowledge to a group of my classmates. I was happy with my presentation, except that I said "um" too often :P

St. Patty's Potluck: A bunch of classmates and I attended a potluck in honor of all things green. I made gluten-free banana muffins (but they were awful! I blame it on the recipe). To "redeem" myself, I made a batch of my faithful Almond Butter (which are inspired by this recipe) cookies later that day ...and they were fabulous.

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  1. Congrats on midterms - we were wondering if the results were in ;)

    xoxo PJ&M


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