Favorite Products/Companies.

Tea, bread, and chocolate: three foods that I love and enjoy each and every day. Here I present the companies that make these foods the best (in my opinion):

Yogi Tea Herbal Tea. Favorite Flavor: Egyptian Licorice. Why does Yogi Tea rock? Well, check out their principles (which are printed on the tea box): they want their tea to taste great and to make you feel great. They want their products to affect the body and mind (maybe that's why they come with cute little inspirational sayings printed on the "tea string tag" (not sure what this is actually called (?)). They "don't have laboratories, but have kitchens". They work hard to make creative flavor combinations. They believe in whole foods, don't supplement products, just use good quality herbs and spices and rely on their healthy properties. ...these principles all sound good to me, plus their tea tastes great!

Food for Life
Sprouted-Grain Bread Products. Favorite Flavor: Genesis (sliced bread loaf). Why does Food for Life rock? Well, all of their grains are sprouted, meaning they are higher in protein and nutrients than non-sprouted grains. Their products are also organic and full of some really high quality stuff, like chia, flax, pumpkin, and sunflower seeds, and lots of whole grains like quinoa, millet, and amaranth. Genesis bread in particular is really dense, making it perfect for toasting.

Green & Black's Chocolate. Favorite Flavor: Ginger (dark chocolate). What do Green & Black's rock? Their company name is meant to describe how G&B is in the middle of being "green" (i.e. environmentally concious) and being "black" (i.e. indulgent). Their chocolate is meant to be healthy (green) and delicious (black). They really are green by having chocolate that is organic and fair-trade, and are very black in my opinion because their chocolate is some of the very best I've ever had. (Oh, and they have lots of milk chocolate flavors too, for those who aren't as partial to dark chocolate as I am).


  1. Agree - Yogi Tea is great! Still a stickler for milk chocolate ;)

    Have fun at the ball :)

    xo PJ&M

  2. Did G&B make those ginger chocolates we had in December? They were fantastic!

  3. Ginger chocolates in December...? Hmm, not sure if I know which ones you are talking about :S

  4. You should check out Endanger Species chocolate! They always have energy conservation tips and a write up about an endangered species on the inside of the paper wrapper. It's fair-trade & organic. I like dark almond & cranberry. YUM!

  5. I've had the Endangered Species brand. I do enjoy it, it is just a bit harder to find.


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