Long Live the Extracurricular Activity.

During my high school and undergraduate days, I was always super involved with extracurricular activities. Due to the obvious time constraints of the ND program at CCNM, my volunteering/involvement is nowhere near the amount that I had before. Well, this week transported me back to my busy-busy activity days...

I started off Monday by writing an article for the March issue of the CCNM student newspaper, the Vine. Later that day, I prepared for then participated at D-Talks (a club at CCNM aimed at helping students practice public speaking while teaching each other interesting things from our pasts in a lecture-format). Monday also kicked-off sales for the annual CCNM Winter Formal, which I was involved with as I am on this year's formal committee. Monday night featured more formal activities as I completed distributing tickets and completing the bar menus for the event.

On Tuesday, I received an email about volunteering for a community festival that would take place in the summer. While this didn't result in any immediate volunteering, I felt happy to be "back in the loop" of community volunteering.

Thursday had me in a teleconference with a charity I've been volunteering with for a very long time. We chat bi-monthly, so it was cool that the meeting fell into my already extracurricular-busy week.

Saturday was the CCNM Winter Formal, themed "Old Hollywood Nights". I had to arrive about two hours earlier than the official start time to help with set-up, decorations, and ticket collection. The formal was amazing. Everyone dressed-up real nice, the venue was gorgeous (it was held in an old movie theatre that has been converted into a large wedding/concert/conference venue), the meal and music were lovely, and the company was top-notch (out of the 200 tickets sold, I am pretty sure that 150 of them were bought by "Class of 2014" students (I just love how social and fun-loving my class is). I must say, that the formal was was the perfect way to end my busy exam-free, yet extracurricular-heavy week.

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