Wet Socks.

As promised, here is an explanation of the bizarre but super effective treatment called Wet Socks. I've tried this treatment several times when I wasn't feeling my best; it is amazing how the socks are dry in the morning! Tony tried it too when he was last sick.

What: The application of wet socks to the feet right before bed, followed by a thicker pair of socks.

Materials: Cold water, thick socks (wool is best), and thin socks (cotton is best).

Method: Before bed, wet the thin socks in very cold water. Wring them out very well. Get into bed, put the wet socks on, then the thick socks. Don't walk with either of the socks on! It is important that the thick socks stay dry other than the little bit wet they get when you put them on top of the wet thin socks.

Why: Wet Socks treatment is good for immunity; it works to boost or jump-start the immune system. It is a great treatment if you are starting to feel run-down or a cold coming-on. It is also a good treatment for tired feet, head congestion, or insomnia (the treatment will help put you to sleep).

How: As the night goes on, the body will direct its blood and subsequently its heat to the "cold" or wet feet. Overtime, enough heat will be diverted to the feet to heat-up/dry the cold/wet socks. This heat/blood diversion is extremely helpful when patients are suffering from congestion in the head as blood flow downward will drain congestion from the upper body.

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  1. I'm excited that you talked wet socks - haven't tried it yet but I will.

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