Embryology = DONE.

Happy April 1st! The countdown is officially on. I write my last exam on April 29th then its Summer break. Only two more weeks of classes, followed by two weeks of exams. Sounds manageable...right?

I finished my Embryology class yesterday. The interesting part of this course was that conception and delivery were minor topics; the majority of the course was spent explaining how the fetus develops in utero. For instance, yesterday we spent and hour and a half just discussing how the heart and diaphragm (including the lungs) develop. The heart is one super complicated organ when you look at its development. It's formation can be compared to completing a rubix cube; lots of twisting and folding.

While Embryology was a happy course because we talked about babies all of the time, it was also an extremely sad course due to the discussion of many, many birth defects that can develop. The development of a fetus is ridiculously complicated and consists of millions of steps; if one teeny-tiny step goes wrong, the baby will be born with either live-threatening or life-altering changes.

This course reinforced my belief that when a couple is expecting a baby, they shouldn't care what gender baby is born; all that they should hope for is that their baby is HEALTHY.

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  1. Absolutely right - honestly we didn't care if you two were kittens as long as you were healthy ;)

    I know I' m crazy!!!!

    xoxox Momma (PJ&M)


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