Flavoured Water and the Skull.

Last week I talked about drinking water. Well, I have another tip to help you increase your intake of water: flavor your water with vegetables or fruit.

The standard addition to water is lemon slices, but have you tried sliced cucumber or oranges? What about mint leaves? During my undergraduate degree I had melon water in a ridiculously fancy restaurant; it was out-of-this-world. It's incredible how a simple wedge of honeydew melon can transform regular water into a delicious and memorable treat.

- Our skull is actually made of twenty-two different bones! As we age, different bones finally fuse together, with the first fusions occurring after birth and the last occurring during our fifties.

- Although many people call describe it as our "jaw bone" it should really be "jaw bones" as two bones form the jam and they fuse in the middle of our chin.

- We have a bone in our skull called the lacrimal bone. It is beside the nasal (nose) bones and contains the nasolacrimal duct. This duct drains tears into our nasal cavity; however if we cry too much and the duct can't keep-up and drain all of other tears; this is when we start seeing tears running down our cheeks.

- Somewhat on the topic of the skull (well, not really but I'll include it anyway)... we are able to coordinate the movement of our eyes so well because the six muscles that move the eye are innervated by three nerves. A 2:1 ratio is really, really good in the world of muscles and nerves (for example, all of the muscles in the forearm and hand (and there are many) are innervated by only three nerves).


  1. Thanks for the water tip - it'll help me keep up my intake :)



  2. Great! Try the melon, it's the best!


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