No Joke.

I was going to put this picture on my blog as an April Fool's joke... but sadly this picture is no joke. Coke (with vitamin and minerals) does exist! I really hope this doesn't give people the feeling that they are being healthy while downing their acid-forming, neurotoxin-laden, hiccup-forming, diet beverage. :(

Speaking of hiccups, why do we hiccup? I mentioned one reason before here. A hiccup is a sign that the stomach is interacting with the diaphragm. Normally the stomach lies below the diaphragm and doesn't touch it. However, if too much is eaten, or there is too much carbonation, or there is little space in the abdomen (i.e. babies), the stomach pushes against the diaphragm, causing the hiccup reflex. This is why babies hiccup frequently, and why drinking carbonated beverages or beer, or eating a huge meal, can all bring about a round of hiccups.

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