Happy Earth Day!

Today is Earth Day, but I don't know if many people recognize this holiday because it also happens to fall on Passover, Good Friday, and the start Easter long weekend.

To celebrate Earth Day (and Easter, and that I'm half way through exams) I enjoyed a fabulous vegan Veggielicous dinner at my favorite Toronto restaurant, Fresh. For only $15, I got a Chia Smoothie, Ninja Rice Bowl, and the most delicious cupcake ever (and I don't even like cupcakes!). The cupcake was ginger molasses with a lemon frosting; the best---yet the most unusual---cupcake flavor I've ever tried. I would love to learn how to recreate this sometime.

What's the number one thing you could do for the Earth on this day? Go veg! Try going meatless for one entire day this upcoming week. Eating less meat is the number one way you can reduce your impact on the environment.

“If anyone wants to save the planet, all they have to do is just stop eating meat. That’s the single most important thing you can do.”
- Sir Paul McCartney
"It's better for the environment to eat a salad in a Hummer than a cheeseburger in a Prius." - Bill Maher

In other veg news, I saw a celebrity today! My first celebrity sighting since moving to Toronto. And guess who it was? None other than the famous vegan celebrity, Woody Harrelson! He was just two feet away from me too (squeal!). He is Toronto directing his comedic play Bullet for Adolf.


  1. I am morphing into a semivegetarian!

    I generally avoid buying meat in my groceries, but I still eat it when served and occasionally while at a restaurant. In fact, the menu for tonight is spaghetti and tomato sauce with Yves soysage (I love that stuff!). Personally, I am even more concerned with the damage being done to the oceans than the land, so I have not bought fish in years. I am not particularly missing it, either!


  2. Congratulations, Jimmy! My number one reason for going veg was environmental, so I see where you are coming from on the ocean damage versus land damage. Maybe it has something to do with a deep love for the East Coast :P

    As for the Yves soysage, I find that fake-meats that mimic processed-meat taste the best as they are mimicking something that is already step removed from meat.


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