Interesting Tid-Bits 8.

- When protein powder is cold, it is better absorbed by the body (so adding protein powder to smoothies with COLD milk or a FROZEN banana is best). Protein powder-based smoothies are also excellent fuel after strenuous exercise because digestion is inhibited during exercise and thus it is an easy-to-digest way of getting protein and nutrients into the body while digestion is slowly resuming.

- It is good for the brain to watch foreign films as it forces the brain to activate multiple sensory receptors at once: reading, listening, viewing, interpreting language, etc. It is quite a mental exercise to watch and read subtitles at the same time.

- Mild exercise is good when you're not feeling well. Exercise generates heat and puts the body in a fever-state, which boosts the immune system.

- Changes in lifestyle are key to managing chronic disease. (Also, apparently 60% of those who use alternative medicine have chronic disease).

- We are better rested the next day when our sleep did not involve lots of dreams.

- Babies are not to be given honey under the age of one because honey contains bacteria that their new immune systems may not be able to combat. A consequence may be botulism.

- Skin tenting is when the skin on the back of a relaxed hand is pulled upward. If the skin doesn't immediately spring back to normal, the person may be dehydrated.

- Electrolyte drinks that are better than Gatorade (which has way too much sugar) are homemade chicken broth, coconut water, or a mixture of lemon water, maple syrup, and a pinch of salt.


  1. So Dinkum's brain must get lots of exercise?

    ....and PJ&M's Momma must be dehydrated 'cause she

    ...interesting stuff :)

  2. I'd like to think so. Dinkum must be really smart :)

    Time for more water to go with those walks.


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