Public Health and Acupuncture = DOUBLE DONE.

I finished two more classes, so I thought I'd offer a short overview of the two:

Acupuncture - I find the Asian approach to medicine to be fascinating and believe that acupuncture treatments can be very powerful; I was happy to have been able to experience this world first-hand this semester. With that being said, what I learned the most from this course is how extremely sensitive I am to being needled! I am not afraid of needles, but I now find myself anxious before a needling practical because my body has reacted strongly on three occasions to being needled (deeply). I'm going to have to explore my options for being hypersensitive to needling, because next year will require lots more needling.

Public Health - I hate to be so harsh, but I was really, really disappointed with this class. Public Health is so important and there is so much to learn! But alas, I feel like I still know nothing. I had better conversations with Tony about the field/subject of Public Health than I did in approximately four months of this course (he's such a Smartie, he should have taught my class!). In my opinion, this course is in serious need of some revamping.

Now that it is Spring, many people are engaged in Spring cleaning of the home and yard; therefore it may also be a good time to "clean" up the diet ...and the mind. I've discussed clean eating many times on this blog as well as hypoallergenic cleanses, but have you ever thought of mental cleaning. Here is an excellent article discussing an "emotional detox". I thoroughly believe in writing as therapy and that writing is (in general) an important form of expression, both emotionally and creatively (hence my daily blog posts!). Check it out!

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