A Cookbook in the Works!

Happy Birthday, Elizabeth! We miss you. Hope your day is full of non-traditional birthday surprises.

I am starting to finally compose my first cookbook. I don't want to officially publish one until fourth-year (which gives me three years to keep creating recipes!), but I may create a cheap-o version this Summer just to say I finally did it.

I have compiled all of the recipes posted on the blog and have included tons of other recipes I have made over the years. The focus of the book will be healthy eating (with suggestions on how to make recipes super healthy too ;) ). I hope to label each recipe as to how it suits a particular way of eating, such as:

Low calorie
Low sugar
Vegan, Vegetarian
Uber-healthy option

...to name a few.

This past weekend I was a super busy bee in the kitchen. I decided to re-test a bunch of my recipes, so in the course of three hours, I tested SIX recipes. I baked some Rosemary Roasted Nuts, some Oatmeal Raisin Cookies, whipped up some Carob Balls, tweaked my tofu/tempeh marinade (recipe not posted), and baked a loaf a bread (recipe not featured on the blog), and prepared a new sauce for asparagus based on this recipe.

Sometimes baking and cooking seems like a daunting task, but in less than an afternoon, I prepared enough snacks, breakfasts, sauces, and desserts for the entire week (and probably then some) of eating. I froze most of the baked goods and nuts to have on hand. Oh, and not too mention that those three hours included clean up time :)

What I am currently struggling with is the creative aspect of the cookbook. How should it be organized? Do I want to include pictures? What font should I use to type recipes? What about a cookbook title? ...lots to think about! If you have any ideas, I'd love some input.


  1. Title suggestions:
    (To appeal to the naturalists)
    Eat. It's the Natural Thing to Do.
    (To appeal to the masses and our base instinct)
    Eat to Survive (Literally)
    (To appeal to our desire to be praised)
    Good for You!
    Mama M

  2. There is so much written these days on health and eating, that the clever cliche titles have all been taken. How about Made in the Kitchen. It emphasizes home cooking, buying local, and would appeal to a more sophisticated audience who are familiar with the famous paiting of David Emile Joseph- a Maid in the Kitchen.
    (You'd like all the veggies in the picture-although maybe not the rabbit and foul and lobster.) Mama M

  3. Excellent title suggestions! I love them all. Thank you so much.

    I looked up the "Maid in the Kitchen". It is a lovely painting, but you're right that it does contain a lot of animal products and I'm not sure that they'll be a lot of them in my particular cookbook :P

    I also found a painting called "The Kitchen Maid" and it might work: http://www.ibiblio.org/wm/paint/auth/vermeer/kitchen-maid/

  4. I hope Becca's Grammie read this entry as she and I have discussed " the cookbook" we knew would happen ;)

    Titles....ummmm "Lady Bugs other love"
    "Creations that count"
    " Becca's beginnings" or
    perhaps just using one of your names since all three are pretty ;)

    guess who - Momma!!!


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