Dew Walking.

If you still feel sleepy in the morning, rather than jumping for the coffee, try using hydrotherapy to help wake yourself up. Examples include contrast showers and now dew walking.

Dew walking involves walking outside, in the morning, on the grass, barefoot. In the morning, the grass will be cool and wet from the dew that has settled. Walk around on the wet grass for 2-5 minutes maximum in order to receive the hydrotherapy (or rather, thermotherapy) benefit. The mechanism of action is similar to wet socks and contrast showers, such that the burst of cold to an extremity, such as the feet, causes a systemic re-rooting of the circulatory system, which helps to overall wake the body up. Dew walking is helpful in increasing overall circulation too.

Reconnecting with nature in small ways such as walking on the grass can help the body to relax. Consider the 2-5 minutes of dew walking as a time to reflect or meditate; a time for yourself and a time to be peaceful.

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