Proper Sleep Posture.

The best way to sleep in order to fully relax the spine and improve circulation:

- Enough pillow (via thickness or number of pillows) to raise the neck just so that it is inline with the neck (i.e. the neck should not be arched up or down, but should be level).
- Lying on the side (left or right is your choice).
- Knees bent, as if sitting in a chair.
- A pillow placed between the knees.
- A pillow, partner, or large stuffed animal, placed between the arms.

Note: the knee and arm pillows are meant to keep the body aligned despite resting on one side, so that one arm or knee isn't hanging for extended periods of time, draining blood and possibly experiencing numbness.

Now, while the position described above sounds extreme, it is quite comfortable! This is how I sleep every night so long that I have enough pillows. If you aren't ready to adopt the entire position, simply changing one component of your already existing sleep position to one listed above will be helpful to your spine and circulation.

Sweet Dreams!


  1. Bloggers its true - Becca does sleep like that!

    I say toss a cat at the foot of your bed too, the purring is soothing as well ;)


    PJ,M and Becca's Mom

  2. I'd gladly take a cat companion anyday... err, I mean anyNIGHT. They're purrrfect.

  3. Ah, nifty-

    That is just how I snooze!

    (Well, when I sleep in my bed... During the Summer especially, I have a strange craving to sleep in random other spots, like the couch, reclining chair, floor, or bench on the balcony. I would like to try sleeping in a tree one day)

  4. Happy to find out that there are others who sleep this way by choice!

    Tree sleeping sounds really cool; just make sure you are well positioned to not fall out during deep sleep.

    You must be related to Tony, as he prefers to sleep on the cold, wood floor during Summer months. Sometimes with a pillow, other times with nothing but the comfort of the floor.

  5. I find that the medical "recovery position" taught in emergency responce courses, is ideal for sleeping -perhaps because it keeps airways open. Glad the blog is back!

  6. Yep, the medical recovery position is pretty much what I described above. Thanks for mentioning it!


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