Another Blogging Break.

Oh, and the other day when I mentioned my original response to why I want to be an ND: I can't believe I used the term "natural" in my first answer! I shake my head in disbelief that I actually used that word because in reality, I find that word to be too loose. What exactly defines something as natural? I swear that the words natural, eco, and green are the three most over used words this year. Walk into any grocery store and you'll see natural written on almost every package. Ever read that your food contains "natural flavors"? Well that's just code terminology for chemicals. Anywho, the word natural is over-used and is really vague, so I really ought to refrain from using it when describing naturopathic medicine. I don't want to cheapen the profession by using a term that is sometimes used to describe chemicals!

Just a heads-up that I won't be posting for the next five days or so because I am going on a "vacation" (not really a true vacation, but I'll be away so I guess it counts :P). Until then, have a healthy, happy week!

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