Who is Contrasting?

I was at a computer yesterday that wouldn't let me upload this post. Sorry it is a day late.

Now that it is Summer and quite warm out, I thought I would bring up the topic of contrast showering again. Has anyone tried it? I know a couple of people have (bravo!). It is MUCH easier to start this healthy habit when it is warmer out than in the dead of Winter. Even if the cycle of contrasting showers doesn't sound appealing, just ending a shower with 30 seconds of cold can be hugely beneficial to the body.

If you think about it, after leaving the hot water of the shower, the body can only get colder, and when leaving the frigid water of a contrast shower, the body can only get warmer! Whenever I end my shower (in cold water), I instantly feel warm as my body was suddenly switched into heat-me-up-because-the-water-is-cold mode.

Learn about this Hydrotherapy technique here.


  1. I suppose it is only half a contrast, but I have given completely cold-water dunks a go as the temperature rises. It has been a surprisingly painless experience!

  2. Hi Becca!

    Is this why one would feel so refreshed after a quick dip in the lake in the morning or a hot day???
    Ant. D

  3. Yes, I would call both of these forms of contrast showers. It is funny how we love heat but the thought of cold scares us. You are right, Blue Prince, cold water won't hurt!


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