Farmers' Markets.

Farmers' Markets...

...bring the community together.
...provide a chance to socialize.
...support creativity and the people who want to share their creations.
...allow people to eat local produce.
...support the local economy(and not big corporations and chain stores).
...introduce new foods and products.
...connect the consumer to the producer.
...vary in size and selection.
...make a great weekend activity.
...celebrate the community, its people and its products!

I love, love, love exploring different markets. This Summer alone I have been to four different markets (all in different areas of the province). I try to buy at least one piece of produce and one unique piece per market visit. During this weekend's market adventure, I bought some asparagus and some handmade hair clips. Two weeks ago it was beet greens and earrings made out of old CDs (they had been melted down and compressed). The time before that it was a loaf of spelt sourdough bread and a bar of handcrafted soap. This way I am supporting both the farmers (it is technically their market) and the creative folk trying to share their creations.

I've dreamed about operating a market stall myself. I would love to sell unique vegan baked goods, things like raw carob balls, roasted rosemary nuts, chocolate tofu pie, and socca (a chickpea flat bread I will discuss later on the blog). You know, items that happen to be healthy and vegan, yet aren't knock-offs of traditionally indulgent treats (Allow me to explain: when someone bites into a chocolate chip cookie, they want it to taste like a real cookie, but in order to taste "real" and delicious, it'll still need a lot of fat and sugar; vegan cookies exist that are super yummy and taste "real" because they too contain a lot of fat and sugar, just vegan fat and sugar. I want to offer not only vegan goods, but healthy goods, so I don't want to compete with "normal" foods but offer totally new foods like the ones listed above. This way people can taste them and either like them or not without having to compare them to the "real" (non vegan, non healthy) deal.)

Yet I wonder if attending as a seller would take the fun out of market-going since it would suddenly be work. On the other hand, I bet joining the family of market sellers would be a fun experience!

This upcoming week and weekend, I challenge readers to visit their local market. If you are more of a prodruce person, try giving the artists a chance; for those who just like the crafty goods, try picking up a fruit, veg, meat, condiment, or baked good. Oh, and upon arriving... take a deep breath, breathing in the community spirit and love!


  1. Becca,

    I need to check out your earrings!!

    I too love Farmers markets and recently checked out my new neighborhood's market ( Belliveau Cove).

    We bought pickles and jam and ;) wine.

    xo Momma


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