Doctor Tools.

Happy anniversary to the two loveliest love birds I know! 26 sure is a wonderful number. XOXO.

Yesterday, I picked up my brand new otoscope and ophthalmoscope (i.e. medical devices used to see into the ear and eye of the patient). Now my medical equipment stash is pretty much complete! The only downside was that together, these two pieces of equipment cost me just shy of $900. Yikes! Luckily, this type of equipment doesn't go out of style very quickly, so I won't need to be buying new ones or updating them for a long, long time. I'm going to charge their batteries up so that I can soon test them out on some unsuspecting guests ;)

As of right now, the contents of my medical equipment bag includes:

Otoscope (to view inside ears)
Opthalmoscope (to view inside eyes)
White medical coat (to look super snazzy and professional :P)
Johnny gown (to wear when I play the role of "patient" in tutorials)
Eye chart (to test vision)
Measuring tape (to measure body parts, such as the waist)
Sphygmomanometer (to measure blood pressure)
Stethoscope (to listen to the heart, abdomen, arteries, etc)
Reflex hammer (to test motor reflexes)
Tuning fork (to test hearing)
Vibration fork (to test temperature and vibrational sensations (important to assess cranial nerve functioning))
Thermometer (to test internal body temperature)
Pen light (to test the adrenal glands, to test the pupils, to view the thyroid gland, etc)

Yeah tools!


  1. Thank you for oyur wishes Becca - we think 26 is an exceptional number too ;)

    (Note to blog followers - Becca and her brother were both born on the 26th).

    Your medical bag seems ready to roll - and I am positive your unsuspecting guests...at least one, will want to nose through it ;)

    See you in less than 48 hours!!! Look out CCNM, Momma's dropping by, hope to visit the yummy cafeteria!!

  2. Yes, I am looking for test subjects! Come one come all to visit (future) Dr. Becca ;)


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