Ways to Detoxify the Body.

- Minimize your toxic load by avoiding processed and synthetic foods. Aim to eat only whole and real foods. No more boxes and packages!
- Pamper the liver. The liver is important for removing toxins from the body. Treat it well by eating garlic, bitter foods, lemon juice, leafy greens, and herbs.
- Preform deep breathing. We have an area in our lungs in which air pollutants can accumulate. Through deep breathing (as much as you can take in and then out), we can exchange the air in this part of the lungs. Also, increased oxygen intake is always good for our metabolism.
- Exercise allows you to sweat out toxins through the skin, increase circulation/blood flow, and increase metabolism. In addition, weight loss helps decrease lipid-soluble toxins.
- Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Water is so good for the body. In particular, it helps flush out water-soluble toxins, supports the organs that help in detoxification/elimination, and is required for metabolism.
Clean water  minimize burden
- Have regular bowel movements. When it's time to go, go! When bowel movements are regular, toxins are removed from the body at regular intervals.
- Eat optimally. Nutrition is important as many vitamins and minerals are co-factors in enzymatic reactions, especially those in metabolism.
- Emotional elimination. Vent out those emotions! Don't keep 'em in. Do this through talking or therapeutic activities.

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  1. Good tips - not too difficult to do either!

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