Beware of Botox.

Botulism is a neurotoxin (meaning a toxin that affects the brain) that is produced by the bacterial organism clostridium botulinum. This scary organism actually lives in our large intestines, but luckily all of our good gut bacteria keep it under control. However, if you complete an antibiotic regime (i.e. takes some antibiotics), you kill-off your good bacteria and thus clostridium can get out of hand, causing some unpleasant diarrhea or gastrointestinal pain.

Did you know that three kilograms of the toxin botulisum is enough to kill the entire world? And did you know that are many people (doctors, in fact) that have three kilos of this toxin on hand? Now, why on Earth would anyone want to come in contact with such a scary chemical? For beauty, nonetheless ;)

Cosmetic surgeons use botulism to inject into people's faces to paralyze their facial nerves, relaxing facial muscles, and thus preventing the development of wrinkles! Botulism, or you may know it better by its product name of Botox. Imagine: a very dangerous toxin that can potentially destroy the brain, being injected into the face, which is really close to the brain... does anyone else find this to be scary and quite ridiculous?!

Hence my plea: Ladies (and gentlemen), embrace your wrinkles, crow's feet, and smile lines! They are signs of natural, beautiful, and graceful aging. Please don't tamper with nature and stay far away from scary procedures like Botox. We don't need any more doctors getting their hands on this deadly chemical...


  1. People should know that there are so many other solutions to get rid of wrinkles....
    Creams or other traditional products don't work as we expect, but don't think botox is the only choice....It's a toxin right, but it got the FDA approval so I'm sure is not poisoning our bodies....but there is a cosmetic alternative to botox: facial fillers for example, like Juvederm that is made by a substance that can be naturally found in the human body....?

  2. I can embrace my wrinkles as natural, beautiful and graceful aging, but the idea of grey hair is horrible to me. Any hair color endorsed by naturopaths? Mama M

  3. Yes, there is a natural alternative!

    Here are the products: http://www.lush.ca/shop/products/haircare/henna-hair-dyes/

    Read about them and what they are here: http://www.lush.com/lushlife/hennas.htm


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