Product Review: Caf-Lib.

It's product review time!

I am currently loving Caf-Lib and thought I'd take the time to talk about it, and ultimately recommend it. Caf-Lib is a coffee-like beverage. No, it's not just decaf coffee; it isn't even made from coffee beans, but from roasted chicory and barley*. I think it tastes just like black coffee, only without the caffeine and acidic nature, and has some health benefiting herbal properties. I've tried Teecino (another herbal coffee alternative) before and really liked it. Caf-Lib, however, is a bit better because it is easier to prepare (you make it just like you would instant coffee: add hot water and stir). The problem with Teechino is that it needs to be brewed in a coffee maker or prepared like lose herbal tea. The other plus of Caf-Lib: it is available at major grocery stores!

As a nice tie in to my Botanical Medicine studying (midterm is on Monday!), chicory is beneficial to the body because it a mild laxative (helps keep the body 'regular') and is a bitter (stimulates digestion). Did you know that chicory is related to endive, the vegetable green often found in stir-fry dishes?

I would recommend Caf-Lib to anyone who loves the taste of coffee and especially for those looking to decrease their caffeine intake (I bet it would mix well with caffeinated coffee in a 1:1 ratio). I've talked about reducing coffee intake before here and about coffee alternatives before here.

*If you are sensitive to gluten, this product may affect you. I would advise those allergic to gluten (like those with Celiac disease) to completely avoid it, but if you are sensitive to gluten, I would try it and see how you feel.


  1. I have enjoyed Caf-Lib for many years, introduced to it by my grandmother. We moved across the border to the US a few years ago, so I have to stock up when we make our frequent trips back to Canada. Alas! I have run out of my stock and we have no immediate travel plans, so I think I'll try ordering it from amazon.com. I while ago I started making my Caf-Lib with 2% milk and adding a scant tablespoon of hot cocoa mix. I call it Choco-Lib! A small battery-run milk frother works real well to mix it with. It's a wonderful less sweet replacement for hot chocolate.

  2. Agreed! I just discovered the stuff and am hooked. I feel truly liberated from coffee now.

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