Halloween Tips.

Happy Halloween, Everyone!

I hope you have a fun night tonight. If you chose to indulge in candy and sweets... brush your teeth well, balance the sugar with a nutrient-rich supper, try to take it easy tomorrow and tonight (sugar inhibits the immune system, making the body more susceptible to infection), and drink lots of water (sugar dehydrates the body as it pulls water with it as it is transported). If you chose to indulge in alcohol, just don't indulge too much like these poor pumpkins. :P For more responsible drinking tips, check out this post. For some alternatives to sugar, please read this post.


  1. Nutrient rich supper before Halloween- check. Growing up, our Halloween supper was always Calcan-- a combination of turnip, carrot, cabbage, and potato--all mashed together with melted butter. It was so good, we ate lots of it. (So it filled us up so we ate less candy, and it had lots of nutrients!) Mama M

  2. Calcan sounds so good. You're Mother had the right idea: fill them up with veggies!


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