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Hello dear readers. Sorry for the lack of posts over the weekend. I had a lot of blog troubles: in fact, my blog got DELETED at one point. Yep, it was all gone; all of the posts I worked so hard on over the last year and a half completely vanished off the Internet. Scary stuff. Thankfully, everything is back to normal now, so expect more regular posting from here on out.

Levels of Experience

Whenever we experience something, everything from love, to a toothache, to a trip, we can recall/describe the experience in a variety of ways. These ways are called levels of experience and there are seven different levels (listed below, including examples).

Name - I went to New York City (identify the experience by its proper name)
Fact - I went to the biggest city in the USA (identify the experience by a fact such as it being the biggest city)
Feeling - I had a wonderful trip (identify the experience by the feeling it spurred)
Delusion - I had a heavenly trip (identify the experience with a non-existent/non-tangible quality)
Sensation - I felt like I could fly on that trip (identify the experience as affecting both the emotional and physical, affecting the whole body)
Energy - I had a yellow trip (identify the experience using energetics such as colors, sounds, and/or movement, this is rare)
Blank - Unfortunately no example for this one... Identify the experience using deep consciousness, on a more Buddah-like level.

Everyone can identify experiences using any of these levels. Start thinking about your own experiences and how you identify them. Do you favor one type of level, or do you shift between levels?

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