TCM Organs: the Kidney.

Cutest picture ever! It is amazing what creative pictures you can find on the net.

Today I present you with information on the TCM kidney:

- salt is the kidney's preferred flavor as salt is related to water balance (water balance is the kidney's primary function).
- the kidney is connected to the lung as they are both responsible for the body's water balance. As a result of this relationship, when the kidney is distressed, the patient will yawn a lot, drawing in air via the lungs.
- the kidney stores essence. Essence is our internal fire, the one that drives our growth and development. We have lots of essence when we are young, but as we grow old, we lose essence. Essence also allows the body to reproduce and produce offspring.
- the kidney manifests in head hair. Thinning head hair means less essence and a weaker kidney.
- the kidney controls our will power. Those with strong will power have strong kidneys.
- the kidney opens into our ears. As we age, our hearing declines as we have less essence and weaker kidneys.
- the kidney houses our yin and yang energy; we have one kidney for yin (our right kidney) and one for yang (the left kidney).

With all of that liver talk from yesterday and today's kidney discussion, I am guessing that my readers are quite confused. Sorry, but I find it hard to explain TCM in writing. Trust me when I say that TCM does make a lot of sense and is quite fascinating.


  1. When you talk about 'essence', are you talking about a sex drive?

  2. Hello kidney----------A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E!!! Mama M

  3. No, essence is life; our energy to survive AND to reproduce (which is like surviving, living on in our children). Essence is more like sperm and eggs.

    And yes, Hello Kidney is the most adorable picture I've put on this blog to date!


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