TCM Organs: the Liver.

Remember when I talked about drinking alcohol to release anger? Well, I've since learned a lot more about the Chinese "liver". In the upcoming week or two, expect a post on the other big TCM organs (spleen, kidney, and heart). In the meantime, may I present the TCM liver:

- main emotion is anger.
- opens into the eyes. This is why after a bit of alcohol (a wee bit of alcohol is good for it), our vision becomes sharp. However, after too much alcohol (too much is a bad thing), our vision is blurry.
- involved in exhalation. When we are angry, we exhale a lot more (think of huffing and puffing). When we are frustrated or mad, we may sigh more often. As the liver (and anger) is linked to breath, breathing exercises are helpful to control anger.
- when the liver is acting up, you tend to talk a lot. Lots of rambling.
- loves bitter foods, think leafy greens, coffee, and herbs.
- grain alcohol (i.e. beer) stimulates the liver well as grains are bitter. Bar fights tend to break-out at last call or when the bar is closed because there no more alcohol is served to fuel the liver, thus anger gets loses control.
- holds physical blood; helps regulate menses.
- helps control the smooth flow of energy in the body. Again, when we are angry, our energy "boils up" and obviously doesn't flow easily.
- does our life planning.
- controls tendons and ligaments. Athletes with tendon and ligament injuries should have their TCM liver treated.
- in terms of TCM pathologies, liver qi stagnation is the most commonly diagnosed condition in the Western world.

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  1. It's interesting how it does our life planning and is linked to anger; I never knew!


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