December Dreaming.

'Tis the season to be quite joyous and thankful. I am forever thankful to be in my program, working towards my dream profession. Yet, this time of year always challenges my identity. Still a student? Le sigh.

Why is time ever fleeting during this season? The season I most want to bundle-up and cuddle , seems to dwindle away, escaping me. I am chasing time, both to smell and taste the season, and the time to memorize of the pathologies associated with X, Y, and Z. I'm making the most of my December days, trying to mix the season with the studies. I read over notes while sporting a red fuzzy sweater and snowman socks. Learn laboratory results while carols waft in the distance. Bake goodies while brainstorming acupuncture mnemonics.

Alas, there only two-ish more years remain until I'll get to frolic and be merry during the glorious month of December instead of the usual work and be stressed. And until then, I'll keep mixing a little joy in with each page of Microbiology woe.

Pictured above: the official student Xmas tree!

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  1. I think you have found balance!

    I also think you have given great ideas to me to keep a little season in it all.

    Although studies are strenuous - (heck I have no idea just how stressful it must be), life sometimes keep us all from enjoying the season, hence all we can do is what you are doing - carols in the background.

    Warm solstice to you my love!



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