Perception of Health.

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I am posting extra today (Friday) to make up for my lack of a post on Wednesday. As you've probably noticed, my blog posts this week haven't really been about anything science-y or medical-y, mostly because that it was I am doing for every other hour of my day (hello study zone!) so I don't really feel like regurgitating more facts and lessons on the blog. I really am learning lots of interesting stuff and have lots to eventually share, just not right now...

Also, since Xmas is NEXT WEEKEND, I thought I'd post this adorable picture. I thought my grandparents might appreciate it.

Today let's chat about the perception of health. Here are some random thoughts on the topic:

I have a high regard for my fellow human beings. When it comes to health (let's use the simple example of eating junk food), I really don't think people are stupid and actually believe that junk food is good for them, and I also don’t think that they just don't care about what is going into their bodies. I think that the real issue is that people just aren't paying attention. I think if you took the average Joe/Jane and explained to him all of the issues with junk food (nutritionally, economically, politically), that he/she would be shocked. I bet it just never occurred to them to stop and think about what goes into his/her body. We are raised in a society that doesn't cook, doesn't get taught nutrition, and doesn't have the time to pay attention to these kinds of things.

Leading a perfectly healthy life is hard; you have to want it and work at it, it won't come to you on a silver platter with goji berries on top. So if you ask the average Joe/Jane to make big changes to his/her life to become healthier, it will be hard to commit, to find the time, to make it work. Then there are those who seem to make it all work and then some. Those who start their morning with meditation, a green smoothie, then jog to work. The uber healthy ones can be intimidating and some are even snobby, making health seem hard to obtain and for the privileged. Don't be discouraged; do what you can for your health in baby steps. I bet to many I seem to be one of those super healthy freaks and sometimes I worry my blog is more discouraging than it is encouraging ("...chia seeds? Oh hell, clearly I can't cook healthy like Becca"). I hope that you are able to take little tid-bits from me, those that work in your life. I hope that I can at least inspire my readers to begin to pay attention.

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  1. my naturopath says the same - little steps - it's all good :)



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