Blood and Bacteria.

Blood Testing for the Win

Today, in the Toronto newspaper The Star, was an article highlighting a naturopathic doctor and her work in diagnosing food intolerances with blood work. Not only is she an ND practicing in Ontario, but she also was my teaching assistant last year during my Hydrotherapy class!

I talked last Spring about my success with identifying food intolerances with blood work. Tony also had huge success with the protocol. It is pricey ($250), but produces amazing and super interesting results.

Bacterial Overlap

When I started studying naturopathic medicine, I had no idea that all of my Microbiology classes from undergrad would come back to haunt me. Seriously, we learn SO MUCH about microbes it is scary. Now why I am learning so much about bacteria, viruses, parasites, etc.? Because unfortunately these critters wreck a lot of havoc on our poor bodies. A disturbing number of diseases and health concerns are due to microbe infections. The material between my Microbiology class, Pharmacology class, and in my Clinical Medicine (aka Pathology class) are constantly overlapping. For instance, today was the third time we learned about Lyme Disease (caused by Borrelia bac).

In closing, without even recognizing it, this post has touched on (probably) two of the most common causes of disease and illness: FOOD ALLERGIES/INTOLERANCES and MICROBES. Funny that!


  1. I don't tell you enough how I love your blog. It's so enjoyable and enlightening! Thank-you Becca. Love, Momma M

  2. So in hindsight was it a bonus to have selected the undergrad you have?

    All those lab hours and funky chemical compositions might have played a part in the big picture.

    (I remember going to lab with you and being completely out in left field....far out in left field;))

    Luv to you,


  3. Thank you to my two Mommas for their thoughtful comments :)


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