Heavy Duty.

Sorry my blog has been a bit boring lately. I personally have been disappointed in my lack of science-y/medical-y posts. Trust me when I say that I am learning tons and tons of totally amazing, interesting, and life-changing things while I am at school each day (I am really bursting with knowledge these days, can't wait to get into the "real" world and share it with my patients!). However, I try to make my daily blogging quick and fun, and thus I lately feel like most of the really good things that I am learning about would just take too much time to fully explain in a blog post and/or they are just too complicated (or even a tad depressing... hello disease!) to share on my happy-go-lucky blog. My program is totally great and I am soaking up tons of info, but at the moment I am just finding it hard to share.

Last night, my Mom asked how school was and I replied "boring". That was an overstatement because things aren't boring per-say, they just aren't fun and inspiring, instead they are heavy and very technical. Gone are the days where I learned about wet socks and the benefits of herbal tea (for now at least!). Here are the days when we discuss muscle cancers, degenerative nerve diseases, drug side effects, spine/bone abnormalities, and parasites... oh joy.

In the meantime, I'll continue to keep you entertained with recipes, cool findings around the web, I'll fill you in on my city adventures, and discuss health in general.


  1. Hehe, I came here today specifically to look for your wet socks post- And I did not even have to search for it, thanks to you!

    I know how you feel- I am still learning lots of new things at school (Well except for today, since I was home sick), but finding fewer things that fit easily into a blog.

  2. Glad I could ease the search!

    Also glad to hear that I am not the only one struggling to turn class material into blog material. Must be something special about the second year of a program?!

  3. You could tell us how drugs work, like the basics. I've personally always been a bit confused about how 1 pill manages to go right to say, a headache, to fix it. How is that? r antibiotics? Or how does insulin change your whole body's blood sugar if it's not entered into the bloodstream directly? How is it transported to the rest of the body?

  4. I haven't read one boring post yet!


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