Dinner Party (a post for Momma M!)

I had a dinner party on the weekend. I made Enchiladas (topped with guacamole) along with a harvest spinach salad. They were enjoyed by all. Thanks Momma M for the inspiration!

The harvest side salad (spinach, cabbage, apples, walnuts, dried cranberries, balsamic vinegar, oil, and sea salt).

The cheese version, about to go in the oven.

My cheese-less version, with lots of guac.

The recipe is quite simple: whole grain wraps stuffed with sauteed veggies (peppers, onions, etc), roasted red pepper hummus, cheese (optional because the hummus gives it the creaminess), and a mix of beans. A complete dish when baked then topped with salsa and avocado (guac). Delish!

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