Good Eats.

My holidays were full of good food. My family members have really expanded their diets (a couple have even gone veg), culinary skills, and tastes quite a bit over the last year, so our holiday meals were quite unique, mostly gluten-free, and vegetable-heavy!

Below, gluten free chocolate chip pancakes made by Pop.
Above, spicy bean pasta sauce on rice pasta, topped with diced avocado made by Mum.

Above, Italian feast prepared by Momma M (it looks like an Italian flag!).
Below, veggie enchilada with spinach salad also made by Momma M.

To round out the yummy plant-based meals above... and the apparent red and green theme, here is a picture of our Xmas eve, eve burrito-party fixings (prepared by moi). Look at all of the green and white veggies.
It was truly was a delicious and healthy holiday. Thank you, family, for feeding me well over the break :)


  1. Hi BECCA Xmas Goodies Look So Good DaDs Pancakes Look So Good LUV GRAM and GRANDAD

  2. Aww, thanks for your comment, Gram and Gramp! :) Dad's pancakes were really good!

  3. delicious and healthy holiday is the best kind!


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