January Blues.

My Winter Blues are at an all-time high during the month of January. First, I've left my love ones and the good times behind to go back to school. Second, a hard, new semester has begun, which brings a whole slew of work and challenges. This semester is very similar to last semester, only that my two easier classes from last semester (Philosophy and Psychology) have been replaced with much harder classes (Clinical Nutrition and Pharmacology). Boo! Third, Toronto is very cold and grey, making it hard to get motivated, and it keeping me huddled inside instead of exploring the great outdoors. These reasons always make January a challenging month.

So what am I doing about: One, relishing the memories of my fabulous Winter break (I have lots of pictures to remind me of the fun) and keeping in touch with loved ones via the world wide web. Two, learning to love school again thanks to my energetic classmates. Three, taking lots of my Sunshine Vitamin (hello Vitamin D! If you are experiencing Winter Blues, this is the supplement for you).

Moral of the story: take a negative situation and find some solutions!

The above is a funny picture for those trying to start up an exercise regime as a New Years Resolution. Got to poke fun at challenges, right?


  1. I think those Vitamin D drops are doing wonders :)

  2. Yeah vitamin d - gosh I may even love work ;)


  3. Hope you both enjoy your vitamin D!


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