One-Minute Balancing Exercises.

I recently acquired two new Traditional Chinese Medicine/Asian Medicine/Acupuncture textbooks. I love them! I hope to read them cover to cover in the Summer, but for now I am enjoying reading little bits from them whenever I have a free moment. One part of the book that I find super interesting is their exercise section. The books have sections detailing at-home exercises for patients to complete in order to "tonify and balance" whatever TCM concern they are suffering from. They are yoga-like exercises, take one minute to complete, and don't require any fancy equipment. Here are two simple exercises from the books that can be completed by anyone needing a little boost or more zen:

The Energy Jump

This pose increases circulation, stimulates the nervous system, and boosts energy.

Standing, with feet hip width apart and knees slightly bent, take a big inhale while lifting the heels (so that you are standing on the balls of your feet). Then exhale deeply and drop your heels suddenly. You should feel a little burst of energy upon completion. Repeat this exercise whenever you need a boost.

The Prayer Pose

This pose is great for balancing the body's yin. It is relaxing and calming.

Sit on the floor, with legs crossed or soles of the feet together. Place your flat hands together (so that the hand and arm are at 90* angles) and press the hands into your chest, between the breasts (on both males and females). Close your eyes. Take deep inhales and exhales while sitting in this position for 1 minute (set a timer if you have too). Repeat this exercise whenever you need to be calmed down; it would be great to preform before bed or at the end of a stressful day.

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